NBA Team Values: How Winning Championships and Having Superstars Affect the Bottom Line

NBA Team Values: How Winning Championships and Having Superstars Affect the Bottom Line

The NBA has become more and more like a giant business league in recent years, where the importance of championships has been surpassed by revenue. The original intention of competitive sports is gradually fading, and players are happy to join forces and switch teams, while loyal players are becoming increasingly rare. Teams, for the sake of business interests, often put players on the shelf, like dishes in a restaurant. Any player, except for the five core players, can be put on the shelf, because if they leave, the team's value and record will be severely affected.

Despite being older and more prone to injuries, Curry is still a hero in San Francisco. He brought four championships to the team and billions of dollars in revenue. Now, he is not only a box office guarantee, but also a symbol of the Warriors. The Warriors would never consider trading him. He will enjoy a retirement tour after he retires and receive the highest honor in team history.

James is already 38 years old and his playing time has decreased. His strength is only ranked in the top ten in the league, but the Lakers still won't trade him. Because his commercial value is too high, he can generate huge revenue for the team every year. If they trade this "money machine", the Lakers will definitely not agree. The team is still waiting for James' retirement tour to make a fortune, which will bring hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

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Antetokounmpo has already led the Bucks to win the championship, he has completed his mission. Few teams could imagine that such a cold city could have a superstar like Antetokounmpo. He is excellent on both ends of the court, leads the team to perform well and has a large fan base. If he leaves, the Bucks will inevitably become dull. Antetokounmpo's contribution to the team is huge, not only increasing the team's value but also helping them win the championship. Trading him would be a self-destructive move.

Jokic is the future core of the Nuggets, he is in his prime and will make the Nuggets one of the favorites to win the championship for the next three years. His selfless style of play leads the team to be strong and has Duncan's qualities. Although his commercial value is slightly inferior, he is unmatched by any current center in the long run. As long as Jokic maintains his current status, he will surely win MVP and championship again. The Nuggets have not been rich in history and if they can't keep Jokic, fans will be disappointed and doubtful.

Doncic is now the star of the Mavericks and has become the brightest pearl of the team under Cuban's cultivation. Doncic did not disappoint and led the team on track and at least secured a playoff spot. His style of play is very suitable for the Mavericks and without his dominance it would be hard for them to win. Doncic's commercial value is also very high and the team hopes that he will bring more revenue to them. Such a "handsome and powerful" Doncic is really irreplaceable.

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